8 July 2014 “I felt I knew everybody” learner experiences in an open cross-institutional  CPD course for teachers in Higher Education’, Connected learning in an open world Conference. APT2014, Greenwich University. London (accepted)

2-3 July 2014 “It is really cool to learn together.” Is it? Exploring collaborative learning in an open professional development course for teachers in HE, Annual HEA Conference, Aston University, Birmingham

19 June 2014  “Participants’ and facilitators’ voices and their open learning ecologies, explorations into collaborative open online learning (COOL)”, Learning and Teaching Conference, Aiming High – Valuing Challenge in Teaching and Learning, poster presentation with Sue Beckingham, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield

16-18 Jun 2014  “Promoting creativity in teaching and learning in Higher Education” with Dr Chris Smith and Andrew Middleton, ICED 2014 Stockholm

16-18 Jun 2014  “Creating the open course Flexible, Distance and Online Learning (FDOL) – a collaboration between educational developers in the UK and Sweden”, poster presentation with Lars Uhlin, Maria Kvarnstroem and Neil Withnell, ICED 2014 Stockholm

15-16 May 2014 “FLEX-ing our Pedagogical Muscles: locating change in the ‘matrix of complexity”, discussion paper and poster presentation with Penny Sweasey, SEDA Spring Teaching Learning and Assessment Conference 2014 Engaging students: Engaging staff, Newcastle (accepted)

28-29 Apr 2014  “LSP workshop: Building communities of open practice”, workshop with Dr Sean McCusker, OER14 Conference, University of Newcastle, Newcastle (accepted).

28-29 Apr 2014  “FDOL132 just a buzz?” Poster presentation with Neil Withnell, OER14 Conference, University of Newcastle, Newcastle (accepted)

14 April 2014 “BYOD4L: our open magical box” shared contribution with Sue Beckingham and BYD4L facilitators, MMU MELSIG event, Smart Learning #3, CELT& Learning Innovation, Manchester.

11 April 2014 “Learning is mobile anyway”, invited webinar for MSc in Blended and Online Education, Edinburgh Napier University

3 April 2014 “My PhD baby steps or Year 1″, Postgraduate Research Conference, Edinburgh Napier University

11 March 2014 “About chaos, the big wave, confusion and overcoming loneliness in Openland, invited presentation for the Open Education Event organised by the University of Sussex, Brighton,

23 Jan 2014 “Warning! Modelling effective mobile learning is infectious, an example from Higher Education”, invited presentation with Juliette Wilson, Nadine Munro, Gemma Lace-Costigan and Neil Currie, UCISA Good Practice event Effective Use of mobile technologies to enhance learning, teaching and assessment Received Best Case Study Award


12 Dec 2013 “FDOL a collaborative open online course” invited presentation at NW ALT SIG, MMU event, presented with Neil Withnell and Bernard Lisewski

15 Nov 2013  “Lego just a toy or also a tool to trigger reflection? Spicing up summative assessment within a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice”, 18th SEDA Conference Creativity in Educational Development, Bristol

6 Sep 2013, “Smart learning using Killer apps” with Alex Spiers, MEL SIG event, University of Huddersfield

6 Sep 2013 “A module in our pocket” with Liz Hannaford, MEL SIG event, University of Huddersfield

28 August 2013, “Sharing feedback openly: A crazy idea? An example from Academic Development”, with Juliette Wilson, eAssessment Conference Scotland, online contribution

6 June 2013, “Creative learning through creative teaching”, invited webinar for the University College Suffolk

29 May 2013, “Flexible, Distance and Online Learning (FDOL) course: experiences and implications for the future”, with Lars Uhlin and Maria Kvarnström, Centrum för medicinsk pedagogik (CME) vid Institutionen för Lärande, Informatik, Management och Etik och, Sweden

28 May 2013, “The Academic Development landscape in the UK, a personal perspective”, invited seminar for educational developers and learning technologists, Karolinska Institutet Sweden

17 Apr 2013, “Would Plato love Lego? or making models to aid reflection within Academic Development”, invited inspirED presentation at the Univesity of Dundee, Scotland

26-27 Mar 2013, “OER video series Food for thought: CPD on-the-go by and for teachers in Higher Education”, OER13 Conference, Nottingham, available at

8 Feb 2013, “Killer Apps” with Alex Spiers MELSIG event Smart Devices, Sheffield Hallam University

8 Feb 2013, “Swap Shop” with Alex Spiers and Andrew Middleton, MELSIG event Smart Devices, Sheffield Hallam University


5 Dec 2012 “Visual communication”, invited webinar for the Creativity and Multicultural Communication (Massive Online Open Cource), organizer: Empire State College, State University of New York, site:

16 Nov 2012,  “Let’s play! – the value of game-based learning in Academic Development” workshop with Craig Despard, 17th Annual SEDA Conference, Excellence in Teaching: recognising, enhancing, evaluating and achieving impact, Aston Business School. Birmingham

24 Oct 2012 “Social learning through social media portfolios”, invited talk at Manchester University organised by JISC and Netskills, Newcastle University

29 Aug 2012, Discussing eAssessment with Dr Chris Smith, invited conversation at EduTalk Radio Station archived at    (our conversation starts 40min into this recording)

29 Aug 2012, “Social media eportfolio for learning and assessment”, with Dr. Chris Smith and Craig Despard, eAssessment Conference Scotland, Feeding back, Forming the future (webinar contribution)

19-22 June 2012, “Engaging learners through time-bound online role-play activities: using Elluminate to promote learner engagement” workshop with Dr. Chris Smith, STLHE 2012 Conference, Montreal, Canada

10 May 2012 “Towards free-range academic practice” invited presentation at the Spring Symposium, Hub for Education Research at Edinburgh Napier University

19 Apr 2012 “Social media portfolios for learning and assessment”, invited presentation with PGCAP participants, Sheffield Hallam University

19 Apr 2012 “Opportunities for cross-institutional open learning”, invited presentation, Sheffield Hallam University

3 Feb 2012 “Playing games in Higher Education”, discussing a mixed-reality game developed for the PGCAP, Thunderstorm session during MEL SIG event, University of Salford with Kirsty Pope and Neil Currie

3 Feb 2012 “Making great podcasts – lessons learnt”, workshop during the MEL SIG event, University of Salford with Alex Spiers


11 Dec 2011  “Play ‘n’ learn, spicing up teaching in Higher Education using a mixed-reality game, invited” webinar delivered with academics studying towards the PGCAP at the University of Salford, Creativity and Multicultural Communication (Massive Online Open Cource), organizer: Empire State College, State University of New York, site:

7  Dec 2011 “Teaching and Learning Conversations (TLC): Flexible bite-size staff development by, with and for academics” (workshop), selected case study, UCISA engaging hearts and minds, A showcase of best practice in engaging with academics in the use of technology enhanced learning, event at, University of Salford.

17-18 November 2011 “e-portfolios for learning” (workshop), 16 Annual SEDA Conference 2011, Using Technology to Enhance Learning, joined presentation with Currant N.

10-11 November 2011 “Freeing Education within and beyond Academic Development”, 10 European Conference on e-learning, University of Brighton (ECEL2011)

6-7 September 2011 “Open Learning Exchange (OLE) – collaborators wanted” (workshop), ALT-C 2011 – Thriving in a colder and more challenging climate, joined presentation with McGrath D and Morris, H.

6-8 July 2011 “Feedback conversations in a blended classroom” (pecha kucha) with Currant, N., Avramenko, A. and Harvey V., Education in a Changing Environment, 6th International Conference, Creativity and Engagement in Higher Education, Salford.

6-8 July 2011 “MoRe (or) reflecting while dusting” (workshop), with Tomaskovic, S., workshop, Education in a Changing Environment, 6th International Conference, Creativity and Engagement in Higher Education, Salford.

24 June 2011 “The TLC Programme” (thunderstorm presentation), MEL SIG event at the University of Glamorgan.

30-31 March 2011 “Not too much facilitation going on – Issues in Facilitating Online Problem-Based Learning within Academic Development” (presentation), Presentation at HEA HSP PBL Conference Celebrating the Past and Embracing the Future: Evolution and Innovation in Problem-based Learning, University of Central Lancashire

25 Jan 2011 “Formative Feedback in the blended classroom – how an e-portfolio can create a student-tutor dialogue to improve learning” (presentation) with Neil Currant, Dr. Alex Avramenko and Vicki Harvey during the Good Practice Event: Students’ Journey with Technology Enhanced Learning, ADU, University of Salford

25 Jan 2011 “I wanted to connect – lessons learnt from an online PBL trial within Academic Development” (presentation)  Good Practice Event: Students’ Journey with Technology Enhanced Learning, ADU, University of Salford


27 October 2010 “Mobile Reflections, using ipadio and phones to develop reflective skills and provide formative feedback” (presentation and demo), Media-enhanced Feedback event, MELSIG and ASSEL, Sheffield, more info at the MEL SIG wiki Sheffield Event

21 Apr 2010 “Mobile Reflections Pilot within Initial Teacher Training” (thunderstorm presentation), Media Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (MEL SIG), University of Sunderland


11 Dec 2009 “Give learning on-the-go a go” (workshop) Success North Winter Conference ‘Get Connected’, Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training, Newcastle College.

15 May 2009 “Audio feedback” (thunderstorm presentation) Learning Technology Group Conference: e-assessment and e-feedback, University of Lancaster Conference

13 May 2009 “Teaching and Learning 21″ (workshop), Inaugural Meeting of HE in FE Practitioner’s Group (HEFEPG), University of Sunderland

1 April 2009 “e-learning communities” (poster presentation) North-East Universities, Regional Teaching & Learning Conference, Durham University

Feb 2009 “Audio feedback at the University of Sunderland” (thunderstorm presentation) Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes Special Interest Group (PPP SIG), University of Leicester

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