“apple pizza”

apple pizza

apple pizza by Chrissi

Did you ever had one? This was the second time I made apple pizza and surprise surprise I didn’t really stick to any recipe… not really a surprise if you know me… I am not very disciplined when it comes to cooking (or anything else…) always keen to try new things and experiment with mainly what I have in the house. But it worked and I did improve the second version by adding crumble at the top and some home-made rasberry jam at the bottom. I guess it tasted ok.

Yes, we, the illustrator, I (and my husband joined us too which was a big surprise for me) discussed details over the apple pizza. It was exciting and strange at the same time. The process was about discoveries and included mainly me showing things I like to the illustrator. Was it too much information? Again, I am not sure. Did it feel restrictive or prescriptive? Mmm, not sure about this one… the idea was to gain an insight into my little world. I don’t expect the book to be a representation of what I like and polarise the process and end-product. As mentioned in previous post, it is a collaborative project and it should really have things from both worlds combined and they need to be balanced something if that is possible.

For me it is important to create a joined ownership of this project, to bring out creative spirits, curiosity, experimentation and bring something unique to live. Can we achieve it?

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