making music in the box (Youth Music – Music is Power)

Watch Detail – Youth Music – Music is Power.

At the Sage in Gateshead. This box theme seems to follow me. Is this the reason why I couldn’t be creative? In order to be creative you need to want to, have the time and the space. I felt pressurised and couldn’t escape from the box. I wish I could…

Some of us had more fun than others…

I am just not a music person… unfortunately… despite the fact that I was learning to play the violin when I was much younger but even the my music teacher said that I don’t have a ‘musical ear’. Could this be the reason why I don’t like to make music? Because I had been told that I am rubbish at it??? It would explain a lot and be a good bad example, I hope you understand what I mean, how demotivating feedback can be and what effect it has on people.

Anyway, we got some tickets to watch some great performances in December and I am sure we will all enjoy them ;o)

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