give learning-on-the-go a go

For a few weeks now, I am thinking about mobile learning more intensively and how I could get involved in it further. I find it so exciting that there are so many possibilities to provide exciting learning opportunities on-the-go. I started exploring possibilities within my own teacher training courses and my ideas are work-in-progress at the moment… but I am getting there.

However, I have been given the chance to present at the Success North Winter Conference about mobile learning and this is going to happen on the 11 Dec 09, here in Newcastle. I started working on the ideas, the concepts, the pedagogies, the process and structure of it all and decided to use again. I have a patchwork there with ideas that I can re-use, adapt and enrich and will provide an opportunity to showcase another presentation tool. Death by powerpoint? Yes, it feels like that many times, despite the fact that I try my best to spice my presentations up and make them exciting and add interactivity. The title of this post will be the title of the workshop that I plan to offer within the conference… unless I decide to change it which is very possible. At the moment, I have to admit, that I like it a lot and actually mirrors well what will be discussed during the workshop.

Also, in the back or front of my head, or all over, I am also thinking about my next module on the MSC BOE which is customised study. I have already had the chance to discuss my idea about mobile learning with my tutor and he encouraged me to explore it further. And that is what I have started doing.

Will I be able to submit a ‘patchwork text’ as an assignment? This has to be discussed and agreed but I think it would provide a highly personalised study and research opportunity and very relevant to my work context.

… more to come…

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