ideas floating around

Yes, I think that is how I feel at the moment. But I need a plan. I decided to capture the starting point for students who will participate in the pilot. What pilot? Yes, I am going to carry out one for which we couldn’t need to purchase any equipment. Students will use their own. I am thinking about mobile phones. Is there a student in my class who doesn’t have one? Well, I will find out from the survey I put together at .

Also, I wouldn’t like anybody to participate if they don’t want to. So, I will ask them all and they can decide. It would be great to get 100% of students participating. Then I could evaluate qualitative and quantitative. We will see.

So, the survey is ready. I need to make it available for my students.
Then, I am going to get them all together and explain what it is all about and that I would like them to participate in the pilot and emphasise that the purpose of it all is to establish if mobile technology that is widely available can enhance more rapidly teaching skills.

Actually, the pilot will have 2 focuses. Already sounds complicated. Maybe I should decide to go for one at this stage. On the other hand, I am really keen to explore both and am considering to run one sub-pilot more organically. Not sure yet.

Confused? Well No. 1 is creating interactive resources for recap of what is covered in class that can be downloaded to a mobile phone. I have created an account within which seems to work on my old mobile. So, after a test run which will happen next week, I will be able to decide if this tool can be used. If not, I need to find another tools. I have seen different ones but have not tested any of them, just So, yes, I created the very first PIG activity (I thought a title that would be memorable, what does it actually stand for? Well it could be personal/portable interactive games) and it is linked to what we do next week in class. So, it will be perfect to trial it and then get feedback as well.

At the initial stage, I would create the activities, but progressively, students will get more involved and in the end, they will be the ones creating the resources. Will it work? Well, we will see. Should I use the mobilestudy for organisations? Not sure at this moment in time…

Here comes the link to the PIG(s) ;o) Pick the option ‘Install onto Phone’ and download the .jar file. Enjoy, feedback would be very welcome, if anybody tries it. Thanks.

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