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While surfing the web (I don’t actually like that phrase) but I am using it, as you can see… I found www.ipadio.com. When you are Greek, like me, it is difficult to pronounce it properly. Padio looks to much like Radio in Greek, which means radio. So, I seem to call it iradio at the moment.

Anyway, while I was surfing in a more focused way… I was looking for an online service that I could use for the mobile learning pilot from January. I know I had mentioned www.gabcast.com before and this was the one I knew. But the problem with gabcast is that you have to purchase units in advance and this could be a problem since the pilot I am running with my pilots (I like to call them pilots!!!), will not be a funded one and I try to remove barriers and keep the cost to a minimum and enable easy participation. Do you know something else? You can actually call an ordinary landline (from a landline, if you wish) and reduce costs further if you have a specific call package such as with www.talktalk.net. Isn’t this great!!!
So, I was excited when I started reading about ipadio at http://www.cellphonesinlearning.com/

I had to try it and setting up and account was fast and painless. Even the first phlog worked without problem. Yes, the option is there to link the phlog to an ordinary blog. Exactly what I wanted. Super!!! Would you like to have a look how it looks like within ipadio? Here it comes. Just click here.

Now, my question is, can the embedded mp3 files be downloaded directly from the wordpress blog (that would be ideal!) or only through ipadio or iTunes? I hope that this is possible to download from wordpress directly or that this option becomes available very soon (before the start of the pilot maybe?) since it would make it supereasy. If the pilots phlog to the blog and then are able to download the mp3s from the same site and use on their phones or mp3 players so that they can listen to the recordings on the go. This definitely would be learning with and from each other on the go. Do I ask for too much?

Trying not to be overexcited… about the possibilities and I hope that the mpilots will feel at least as excited as I am at the moment ;o)

2 thoughts on “Excited!

  1. I just heard your first Ipadio phlog. Well done. I am an educator in Tokyo and am trying to involve my students with such mobile technologies.

    I am interested to hear about your mobile learning project. Please discuss it in future phlogs if possible. Thank you.


    • Hello NMM and thank you for your comment. We have created a blog that will capture the whole process of the pilot, it will be a mini one, and is available at http://mpilots.wordpress.com Please feel free to access it. We are still in the planning and testing phase but will be ready for a January start with the pilots.

      Best wishes back to Tokyo.

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