Yes, more questions, loads of questions, closed questions mainly at this stage, to identify where the starting point is, what tools the mpilots have and can use with confidence and how they feel about blogging in general.

Yes, I am putting a questionnaire together within (up to 10 questions are free and more would be just too long anyway).

I will have to identify what tools the mpilots have (access to a phone, landline and/or mobile, mp3 player or phone that plays mp3s)and what training is needed that will enable them to use and and the tools they have for the mobile learning project.

My questions so far

    Do you have access to a landline? yes/no
    Do you have access to a mobile phone? yes/no
    Have you ever accessed a blog? yes/no
    Have you ever had your own blog? yes/no
    We are going to use and Would you require training to use these tools? yes/no
    Do you agree with making the content available, including your own contributions, to the public to encourage a wider discussion? yes/no
    Can you download mp3 files from the web to a mobile phone or mp3 player? yes/no

What else? Well, I think I need an introduction about the project and some information about what the mpilots hope to get out of it. Yes, we should have project outcomes and shared goals but also personalised outcomes, and personalised goals! I hope the motivation will stay high and we will be able to measure progress, success and achievement at different stages of the pilot.

I am a bit concerned at this stage. One of the mpilots has, sort of, disappeared… and I am wondering if it is just because of festivities or something else. I am really keen to get started with this pilot in January and am currently exploring alternative pilots who would be interested…

The first surveymonkey questionaire is now ready and will be distributed as soon as the mpilots are ready ;o)

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