a skeleton



I spent the past few days thinking again a bit more and a bit deeper about the MoRe pilot and decided that a skeleton or framework, a bit less organic, would be good for everybody involved.

As a result of all that thinking and reflecting and evaluating, a weekly calendar was introduced and I added a few new pages so that we all could check what would happen when and in what way. There is some help there now about what reflection is how to do it, useful links and I am going to ask participants to make comments about each other’s reflections and then evaluate themselves as well. All the materials can be found at http://morepilot.wordpress.com and are located within the MoRe pages section in the right column.

What else? Well, participants will also be able to use a template to stimulate their reflection and the plan is to start using it in week 3 and establish if this template makes a difference and does indeed stimulate reflective thinking and talking in our case ;o)

I just hope that the new skeleton won’t feel too restrictive and that participants will still be keen to explore and experiment and continue with the project which will last until the end of March.

We are in week 2 currently and there is still a lot to do, but it is all good stuff… well, we will see what the participating students think.

Discovered that the materials presented within the MoRe space are very much text-based and am in the process of changing this too at the moment.

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