week 3 and still a long way to go

a long way

a long way

The MoRe pilot is in my mind quite a lot these days. I am now not sure anymore if the recent structural changes will help… Should I just left it in a more organic way… as we started? I will never know. Too late now. However, I have encouraged the students to check the new additions out and do as they wish. I will be happy if they go organic or not. I could sense that the changes were not very welcome…

The interesting thing is that suddenly a very minimalistic audio reflection was recorded and I am sure that was after my latest comments. Did I interfere at the wrong time? I know that less can be more but I somehow felt that if I provide some guidance on how to, this would enable participating students to use their time more effectively to develop reflective skills. Is it though better to speed up the process by making/causing interventions that wouldn’t happen? So many times we hear and read that we learn so much from our own mistakes, our own experiences. Did I just disable this feature? I have to admit that I am confused and while I wanted to do good, I am not sure if what I did will be bad…

We tried to meet online but it was not possible last week. I just hope we can get together this week to clarify the above and anything else.

I will have to do some reading as well and start shaping the report and the presentation. Well, I have actually started both but there is still a lot of meat missing.

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