working again

the net

the net, our net

We are now all able to access the mp3 files (technical problems have been solved! This is super!!!) and have started listening to each other’s contributions. NO more emailing mp3, which I would do, but only if necessary. This is really exciting now since we are in a dialogue and learning with and from each other is happening too.

Over the last few days, I focused on assessment and what I really wanted to get out of this pilot, or what I wanted the students to get out of it. I decided to continue providing formative assessment to stimulate further reflection and learning. This is the most important part for me and I can already see that the students are learning from the process. At the end, I am going to ask students to evaluate their journey based on specific criteria which I am putting together at the moment…

Focus on the following about your audio reflections and make a judgment for each of the following elements:

1. Regularity
2. Length
3. Expressing thoughts, ideas and issues in context
4. Self-awareness, Emotions
5. Ability to step-back
6. Viewing thoughts, ideas and issues from different perspectives
7. Evidence of taking responsibility and reviewing practice
8. Testing ideas in practice
9. Engage in a dialogue with each other
10. Anything else you would like to share ;o)

I could give students a scale for some of the above but I am more interested in qualitative data…
Should I do both? Not so sure. I could have maybe one general scale about one of the elements in the above list.

Also, I need to think what I am going to ask participating students to evaluate the MoRe Pilot. Currently on my list of questions is:

What are you taking away?
Do you feel you have learnt something? What is it?
What did you enjoy most?
What next?

The above are not final, just some initial ideas. I need to think a bit more about the questions and what I want to find out. I need some questions on the support, the technical side of it, the feedback, the interaction… but don’t want to have a long list of questions. Asking about everything.

Also, I am not sure if I should ask the questions during our final discussion, use an online survey builder such as or ask students to provide their answers as another audio file or just add a text post to the MoRe space. I think it would be better to ask students individually and give them time to provide the answers, so I will probably go with

5 March: and I did create a survey with surveymonkey. It has more focused questions. I will review it over the next few weeks before distributing it to participating students.

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