last audio feedback

That felt so much better. A few minutes ago, I provided my last group audio feedback to the MoRe pilots.I have to say that I was more relaxed and seem to be able to just talk into the phone without focusing too much on what I wanted to say. I definitely feel that I have made some progress with recording. I must add a question about audio feedback in my final MoRe questionnaire.

The pilots will now provide their self-evaluations about their learning during the pilot. I am really interested to hear how they feel about what they have learnt. Do they feel that they have learnt something? That they have become more reflective practitioners?

I will wait for their responses before sending out the final MoRe questionnaire. The report is going well… too long at the moment… but I hope to provide a shorter and longer version and make this available online for anybody who would like to read it.

I am also interested if there are academic developers out there, who would be interested in trialling the MoRe approach.

Happy Easter to everybody who is celebrating!

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