red Easter eggs

red Easter eggs, originally uploaded by chrissinerantzi.

Big Thursday today and I am getting ready for Easter. Coloured the eggs this morning and also made tasty tsourekakia in the breadmaker. Works really well and all the time. Also, remembered to add the magical ingredient so that they taste as they should.

For anybody who would like to try (really easy!!! if I can do it, you can do it too!)
add ingredients in the order shown below, no mixing!

  • 2 eggs
    1.5 cups of warm milk
    1 tablespoon of olive oil
    0.5 teaspoon salt
    100gr melted butter
    5 cups of bread flour
    1 teaspoon dry yeast
    plus the magical ingredient (if you can find it: μαχλέπι)
  • Use the dough setting on your breadmaker. When the dough is ready, remove from pan. Make them in any shapes you like, as small or as big as you like.
    Brush the top with egg and milk mixture (if you have flaky almonds put some on the egg-and-milk mixture) and put on a baking tray into the hot oven (180 degrees) until golden brown.

    Yummy when warm, yummy when cold!

    … ours might be eaten before Easter ;o)

    We are in moving mode. I just wish we could find our next family home now…

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