a farmhouse would also be nice, really nice

a farmhouse would also be nice, really nice

We are moving to the Manchester area and are looking for a new family home there. I just hope that we will be able to find what we are looking for.

What we are looking for? Ideally, a period property (Victorian) in a quiet (not on a main street!), residential area with good schools. The property should be spacious with 3 or more good-sized bedrooms (over 3m) and a spacious (and flat garden) for the boys to play. Not too close to water and no pets due to allergies we have. Access to the local train/tram network is also essential.

What we like? Probably old properties, with proper fireplaces. We are not necessarily looking for the finished product and are prepared to put some work in for the right house to turn it into our new home.

So far, we spent a few days in the Manchester area. Viewed a number of properties but none of them really smiled to us… except one and this one, was not even build yet. However, after arriving home, I thought to do some searching on the web and discovered just too many things that could be potentially very problematic with the area, the soil and the construction company. So, we decided not to go ahead and have started again searching for the right home.

We are new to the area and would welcome any suggestions of family-friendly areas around Manchester.

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