the journey continues

the journey continues

Yes, the MoRe pilot has come to an end. This pilot was conducted to establish if mobile and web-based technology could be used to introduce a more inclusive approach for developing reflection during Year 1 Initial Teacher Training for dyslexic students and attempt to match their needs and the way they feel comfortable and confident during the learning process to achieve their learning goals.

During this pilot, I had the opportunity to reflect on the current model used to record and develop reflection within ITT and experiment with technology to improve it. After initial data analysis and evaluation of data collected throughout the pilot, it became clear that audio reflections seem to be beneficial for participating students and their progress confirms that. Both participating students enjoyed taking part in the MoRe pilot and felt that they were learning. Audio reflection captured their attention, made reflection more accessible, natural and engaging.

The MoRe journey and encouraging results are evidence that natural ways of reflecting, such as audio and sharing reflections within a community can make a difference to the practice of dyslexic student teachers and enable them to develop and grow as practitioners.

There were some drawbacks, mainly linked to technology, which could be addressed in future applications through additional initial training, guidance and ongoing support.

Overall, the MoRe pilot provided food for thought and opened new paths for further exploration for using mobile and web-based shared audio reflective journals in mainstream ITT, with a focus to enhance the reflective process and the development of reflective skills for dyslexic students and others who face a variety of other challenges.

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