flat batteries


I need new duracel

I am trying to get started with my research project for the MSc in Blended and Online Education I am completing at the moment and have to admit that I struggle today to write anything. I have set myself a personal daily target of words I have to write and just feel that I can’t do it today. Maybe it is just a bad day (is my head full of other things???), maybe I am just too tired and my brain doesn’t work properly. Am I too strict with myself?


Ok, I have made a start, using the template and have some information in some sections. Of course, it is just a draft and many things will change until submission but I just want to do some more!

Anyway, I hope to find the energy and the brainpower soon because I have to compile the literature review and start creating the online space to be used from Sep/Oct. I hope I will manage… I have to!!!

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