no cars

no cars

Still going, very slowly, but I am progressing. I think my brain is a bit tired and maybe it is the up and down on the train and the endless miles and the sleepless nights on the 12th floor next to the A6.

I have started reading about PBL and there is a lot to read, believe me. I have a good picture of a type of PBL in my head, I think, but when I study the different books and articles and papers, I get a bit confused but then again, I guess it is normal. We all put our own spices on PBL as we would do if we would cook the same dish. It would never taste the same. The experience would be unique. All experiences are unique. Even if we would put in the same ingredients. It would never taste the same, would it? Could it? Still need to do a lot of studying on PBL and Academic Development in general and have a look around to discuss if PBL has been used within Academic Development. So far, I haven’t discovered anything.

Beyond the literature review, which I find extremely hard at the moment!!!, I have started shaping a space to be used from September for the trial which is available at Not much is there yet, but I will be adding bits and pieces over the summer and get ready.

Good news! I have my 2 academic developers and yes, they are from different institutions. Now I need 6 lecturers who will start the PgCert in Teaching and Learning in HE/Academic Practice during the next academic year. If you are one of them and are reading this post, please get in touch if you would like to get involved.

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