biting today?

biting today?

I know, I have been away for some time now but I am still around and surviving. I have to admit that life was, and still is, very stressful at the moment… despite the fact that we went on holiday to France to get some sunshine… and what did we get? Rain and more rain. We also got the boys, all 3 of them with bites… definitely not mosquitos but definitely from where we were staying, not from the sea, or anywhere else. The GP said it might be flease. The guy we stayed warned us of mosquitos but other little monsters live in his house much more agressive ones!!! On top of all my other worries, with moving etc. I am worrying that we brought these mini-beasts with us!!!

Otherwise, no news on the housefront. Unfortunately, the one we found was too problematic so we are back to square zero. My head is going to explode. We will have to move out during the summer! But where will we live??? This weekend is crucial. Let’s hope that there is still hope.

Still working on the online PBL dissertation, not much but I am reading some interesting literature at the moment about networked learning and more about academic development. More too come in the next few weeks.

There must be a light at the end of this end and long tunnel!