biting today?

biting today?

I know, I have been away for some time now but I am still around and surviving. I have to admit that life was, and still is, very stressful at the moment… despite the fact that we went on holiday to France to get some sunshine… and what did we get? Rain and more rain. We also got the boys, all 3 of them with bites… definitely not mosquitos but definitely from where we were staying, not from the sea, or anywhere else. The GP said it might be flease. The guy we stayed warned us of mosquitos but other little monsters live in his house much more agressive ones!!! On top of all my other worries, with moving etc. I am worrying that we brought these mini-beasts with us!!!

Otherwise, no news on the housefront. Unfortunately, the one we found was too problematic so we are back to square zero. My head is going to explode. We will have to move out during the summer! But where will we live??? This weekend is crucial. Let’s hope that there is still hope.

Still working on the online PBL dissertation, not much but I am reading some interesting literature at the moment about networked learning and more about academic development. More too come in the next few weeks.

There must be a light at the end of this end and long tunnel!

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  1. Hi Chrissi. I hope things will get better soon with your search for houses. Don’t let your head explode! It’s a very good one.
    I was going to host a Greek taster session at Landrover recently for employees who wished to try it for holidays etc.
    I arranged quite a few sheets etc with my ideas and knowledge but unfortunately didn’t get any interest to hold the session. I was looking forward to trying my hand at teaching. I was not expecting many people to enquire as the Spanish session only managed to get 6 people invovled.
    I hope you and your family are well now after the bites you got in France.
    Take care.

    • Hi Chris, how wonderful to hear from you. We are all fine. Just moved to the North-West. Don’t give up on teaching if you enjoy it. Perhaps next time you could combine language with another subject to make it more attractive. I used to run Greek language and Cookery Courses. Have you thought of some thing like that?

      Keep in touch ;o)

      • I haven’t given up on the idea of having a try at teaching Greek yet but will leave the Landrover attempt until next year when people are gearing up for the holidays again. I must admit I didn’t realize how time consuming it is to put some stuff together for teaching without just quoting from books. If I could cook a few Greek meals I bet I would have had a few people interested if that was included. Ah well..
        For now I’ll just keep on top of what I know or I’ll start to forget what I’ve learnt.
        I am seriously considering going to the Brass House college in Birmingham to further my learning of Greek. I think I would enjoy being in a class environment and meeting others who are learning the language. It sounds like a good place to go as it’s the UK’s largest college dedicated to languages.
        It’s good to hear you are settled now after your search for a house. I hope it is everything that your family wanted. They say moving house is one of the most stressful thing one does in life. I can’t comment as I was born in the house that has been my home for a lifetime (so far). My move will be to Crete (or somewhere in Greece) one day if the laws of fate fall in my favour.
        All the best,

  2. Hi Chris,

    We are social beings and as such learning with others is natural. I am sure you will do well in a class with others and I think this will motivate you also to do even better ;o) Good luck with that.

    Preparing sessions is demanding and time consuming. If you haven’t done it, you can’t see how much work goes in.

    Yes, moving is very very stressful. I have done it a few times already and not just in the same country. It is hard and draining too.

    Good luck with everything and keep in touch.

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