free and locked



This probably doesn’t make sense to anybody else…

Just didn’t make it to the blog in the last few weeks… yes, we have finally moved now and our stuff, well most of it, is in storage. We hope temporarily but it might take a bit longer to find a new home. All kinds of things happened before, during and after the move and it was as dramatic as you could get it!

I have to admit it was a strange feeling leaving the place that was our home for the last 10 years. We are gone now and a new chapter in our lives has just began. We have taken sweet memories with us and left all the bad ones behind… I wouldn’t like them to follow us… we are starting fresh in the North-West now.

What I am missing? Our friends! Nothing else! But I am sure we will see them again ;o)

Will we get the house we are in the process of getting? No idea at the moment. It is now up to the solicitors. I have to say it is really exhausting selling and buying and some of the processes seem long winded. But this is the process, I guess. In the meantime, until we are sure that we will get this one, we are looking again… but this time just in the same area, not around the whole North-West. We will see.

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