no shortcuts!

no shortcuts to get to the top!!!

I have made good progress with my online PBL research project. I am positive that the literature review will be ready by the end of August. Well, the draft is there already and more.

Do I enjoy literature reviews? I know Adam does, he told me the other day! I think I enjoy reading what other people have to say and find out about their studies and experiments. Many times it confirms my own findings and that is really fascinating. Sometimes, however, you read something and think, that can’t be right, no way. But that is ok too. Wouldn’t it be boring if we would all agree. I am getting side tracked here… do I enjoy composing literature reviews? I actually don’t know, if I do, or if I don’t. I have to admit that I find it challenging and always the hardest bit is to make a start and organising materials. Many times I find myself re-arranging things and it feels like moving furniture around. Then of course, some things, end up on the skip too and usually there is too many pieces of furniture… like in real life. The process of writing a literature review is like climbing a huge mountain. My legs get tired as soon as I go upwards on this mountain. Downwards, I feel much lighter and happier, all the hard work has been done.

… I don’t know why I wrote the above. It wasn’t my intension when I started typing this evening. I guess, I needed it out of my system. Maybe it is Adam’s fault who told me that he loves literature reviews and that made me think.

Anyway, what I do enjoy is the experimenting part and recording raw findings. This is the bit that fascinates me most. I am really looking forward to the trial and hope to find my 6 participants. Nobody yet… unfortunately. Just the PBL facilitators and that is great! I know it is summer now and many are on a beach somewhere… but I have to find them soon. The idea and plan was to start the trial in September… this year.

Will send the email again and contact a few people I know within other HE institutions. Looking back, I am thinking that it was probably not a good idea to try and recruit PgCert participants for this trial… I could have opened it up to a wider audience… but, but, but… and there are a few of them. It was important for me that it was for PgCert people. Maybe I should have designed it in a different way and discussed the trial with my manager so that it could perhaps be linked to an assessed task on our programme. Was I too ambitious? Will it be too hard to find 6 PgCert participants from 6 different programmes? I understand that everybody will be busy with the programme when it starts in Sep/Oct and I really would get only enthusiasts who would be willing to spend a few hours a week on the trial. This is the thing! Time! Will I find people who will make the time to participate??? I have to come up with an alternative strategy, just in case I don’t get anybody! While I am writing this now, I start making connections and this might hopefully lead to an idea. We will see.

So, more thinking for me ;o)

Biggest surprise so far? How little I have found about PBL within Academic Development!

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