climbing begins

climbing begins

There I thought I wouldn’t find anybody to participate in the little online PBL trial and now suddenly I am receiving loads and loads of responses, even from far far away and as far as Singapur. Very impressive. Mailing lists do work! At least the SEDA one! So, hopefully, by the end of this month, I should have the 6 participants I need. I am already thinking of increasing the number of the groups but am not sure if I should do it. It is hard to turn people away, especially if they are so keen to participate. I think I might add 1 participant per group, so that we have 4 max in each group, but no more. Larger groups can be problematic in online settings. I have personal (bad) experience and learnt from it. Of course, it doesn’t mean that it would never work… anyway.

My initial idea was to run the trial with people who are starting a new PgCert or have already started a programme last academic year. Should I open it up to other groups, for example individuals who already completed the PgCert? But then the focus of the research project would shift. Perhaps this could be done in the future… think, think, think.

It would be really nice to trial it with different groups. However, at the moment, I need to focus on the group I picked. Why did I pick PgCert participants? Well, I would like to explore if this approach could be used within the PgCert and at some point move beyond the trial and use it with a whole cohort. I am sure changes will need to be done. But first of all I need to investigate how it will work this time. Will it work? We will see. Again, looking ahead, I am thinking that perhaps a whole module could be delivered using a PBL format. I wouldn’t go for the whole programme. Variety is the spice of life!

It is getting exciting now! The PBL tutors are already working hard on the scenario and everything should be ready for the 6th of September. It is happening now… well almost ;o)

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