big day…



… for the online PBL trial is approaching. Monday, the 6th of September. Just emailed participants. I hope I didn’t forget anything at this stage. Went through the trial space again and made more changes. Will everything go well??? Hm. We will see. I am feeling a bit nervous and am trying to think of something that I forgot. At the moment, I can’t think of something. The first week will show.

There was a good interest in the PBL trial and it is a shame that I couldn’t enlarge the number further. Would need more PBL tutors, that was the main problem… Perhaps in the future, a similar project could run that would join up 2 institutions and 2 PgCert programmes, 2 whole cohorts! I am now running again with my ideas. Let’s just focus on this small scale experiment and see how it goes first before making big(ger) plans.

Already, I feel that I am learning so much from this experience and it hasn’t even began yet. Will keep you all posted ;o)

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