apple pizza didn’t work

light up there

light up there

Months later and I am still were I was months ago… the illustrator did disappear… unfortunately. So, there is no progress with the book project. Initial conversations were captured at>

and I really thought that this was leading somewhere. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

I might have to do the illustrations myself… as the publisher suggested anyway but I am just not in the right mood at the moment. After many years of not-drawing, I started again when I had my eldest and I needed something to fill my sleepless nights creatively and keep my brain fit. Now, almost 9 years later, and after a painful experience with a publisher, I have given up and haven’t really been in the mood to illustrate. Should I force myself? Not sure how the process and product would look like.

I have over 15 stories for kids ready, various lengths, various levels and some of the stories could be used for language learning too and have integrated activities as well.

So, searching for a new illustrator again. What would I like to see? Work that stands out, that is creative and enables creative thinking on many different levels… I think that is what I think… any illustrator out there who would like to give it a go???

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