slow start but getting there

little feet, little steps... the wings are opening

little feet, little steps... the wings are opening

Officially we started on the 6th of September the online PBL trial. It took us a while to sort out the technology and mainly to get the wordpress accounts created and link them to the group blog. Everybody is now happy, am I right?, and the ethical issue has also been resolved.

I have to remember that it is a small group and took quite a while, what could one do for larger groups? I think self-registration would definitely be a big bonus. We are all sorted now.

First posts have started appearing despite the fact that PBL tutors are not present yet. They are on their way, so to speak and will be live on Monday the latest. I can just feel, at the moment, that we definitely need a facilitator in online groups, somebody who co-ordinates what is happening, how and when. It might not have to be the tutor. It could be somebody who takes the lead from within the group but then this person would have to have the support of his/her peers. And there are other issues linked to that as well into which I am not going to go now.

A mini meeting with the PBL tutors has been planned and Monday they will be ready to start. I am stepping back and observe in the background. This is the hardest of it all, because I would love to be part of it. The nature of this research project, however, doesn’t let me… I hope that I will be able to re-create such an approach in the near future with our PGCAP participants. We will see.

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