living with constant change

well, we won’t be able to use categories after all… had to decide for tags. This was the easy option without changing rights. Sometimes, we just have to go for the easy option and think on our feet. Nothing wrong with that!

I have to admit that I assumed that authors could add categories within wordpress, but apparently that is not the case, unless you go and add rights following a specific procedure, which I started looking at but it seemed too complicated at this stage. I should have checked that earlier!!! Anyway, the tags are also a good solution and I have decided to monitor posts and add tags if not used, so that when I come to analyse the data, it will be a bit easier for me.

So, no new categories but yes to tags! Participants are still able to select from existing categories. I have do look further into the difference of categories and tags. I think the difference is in the rights, who can add, edit what and there are good reasons for that depending on the project. Categories seem to work at project/admin level. Tags seem a more personal approach to categorisation. Must explore further.

Useful link to who can do what within wordpress. Just click here to view the default rights.

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