ice cubes and icebreakers

breaking the ice cubes

breaking the ice cube

Some thoughts about last Thursday. Usually, I am capturing my reflections quicker. Not sure why I ‘waited’ so long this time. Maybe I was still digesting what happened and tried to interprete and analyse things n my little brain before externalising. Maybe I wasn’t sure if I would get to the stage of capturing them here.

I am not going to write about the whole session. I could go on an on… Not sure where to start now, but I might just say a few things about the Bingo activity used as an icebreaker. Some of the feedback suggests that it worked. I don’t think it did work that well. Perhaps different questions could have been used. I need to have a good look at the sheet again and make it better for next time. However, it wasn’t just the Bingo sheet. I could of course, just blame the sheet – which I put together – but I was facilitating this activity and yes, we achieved interaction, a lot!!! and participants had the opportunity to chat with a number of different people – this was good and worked well!!! – however, there was no official end or closure to the activity. When we all sat down again, I could/should! have invited participants to share some of the answers collected – perfect opportunity!!! and I missed it! Sharing is so important! This way we would have to opportunity to find out a few information about people we didn’t have the chance to talk to. How could I not do it??? I am a bit/lot frustrated that I didn’t. But sometimes when you are in the middle of doing something we are blinded with what is happening, we are so caught about in experiencing that you don’t think clearly or fast enough (what about noise???) and in the end we are human and we can’t always think of everything… and miss opportunities… unfortunately. Is this an excuse? No, it isn’t. We need to think on our feet and most of the time we do and act and re-act to what we experience at a specific moment in time. Being able to freeze time while it is running is vital to adjust and be elastic as we experience something so that we can alter the process and the product.

Looking back now and into the future at the same time (is this really possible?), I need to make sure that the sharing at a class level does happen at closure of an activity. I always say we should have a beginning, a middle and an end in whatever we do (session, programme, story, activity etc.)! Practise what you preach Chrissi!!!

Of course, an ice breaker is not enough but a good icebreaker can do wonders! However, a good icebreaker used in a hostile atmosphere would not work! So, how was the atmosphere? Overall, I think, I might be wrong, participants were positive and progressively more relaxed and opened up as the day progressed. Did we, the facilitators help? I think we did through being who we are and doing things the way we did them.

Comments are very welcome ;o)

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