random thoughts and things



I have been away from this blog for a while now. Or at least it appears this way… some of my posts have remained as drafts. But I feel it is time to return and re-surface. The truth is that I was also blogging on our LDU/ADU space and shared there my thoughts about the core PGCAP module and other activities I was involved or was thinking about.

However, other things have happened during that time. The PBL trial is now almost over as well. Final questionnaires need to be completed and interviews organised. Transcribing the interviews will be exciting but I think I already feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of data I will collect. We will see. Still a lot of work to do on this.

What else, in the process of starting to write something with 2 of our PGCAP participants. I am really looking forward to that. Actually I am not just looking forward to that. It is very exciting!!! More to come very shortly.

There are plans to use the MoRe model in cohort 2 with my tutee group. Creating the space and setting it all up at the moment. I think there is a huge potential to use it within Academic Development. The key is to be there, to facilitate learning. People seem to think online learning just happens on its own…

Also thinking to come back and reflect within this space in the next semester but at the moment I am not sure. Chrissi think, think, think and decide. We will see.