3C tree for online collaborative learning

3C tree for online learning

Alpha Version: 3C tree for online learning, an attempt to visualise my thoughts

an attempt to organise and visualise my thoughts (warning! this is not
a model but could be developed into one!) linked to the evaluation
of the online PBL trial I am working on at the moment. Images
created based on some sketches made in the train on pink sticky
notes, digitalised with Photoshop and action added at http://www.loogix.com Captions are missing at the moment from the visualisation seen here. A more complete visualisation will follow soon. Not sure how I will get the captions on… so that they don’t look like foreign bodies. I will try my best.

Making also good progress with my dissertation. Just some more work is needed to finalise the draft. Feeling more positive already. I still have to write this paper for the PBL conference. Deadline is a bit later in January. I hope I will make it. I have to!
Happy New Year!

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