Good Practice event over

Really great opportunity to think and connect with people
and ideas. Not happy with my first contribution, could/should have
done much better. Content, timing, delivery, engagement -I would
change everything! However, our joined presentation with Neil, Alex
and Vicki triggered a rich discussion. We experimented with an
alternative presentation format to model our conversational
feedback approach. Really pleased we did it this way. Also going to
explore a new avenue for portfolio building for staff and student. I
feel that we might be able to develop a homegrown product into a
portfolio system. Really excited about this potential. More on this
when I have some news. Portfolio marking tomorrow all day ;0)
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2 thoughts on “Good Practice event over

  1. I thought your presentation this morning was really interesting. It was good to hear peoples experiences of technology in relation to PBL

    • Hi Neil,

      Thank you very much for commenting. I am glad you found it useful. If you are interested in further details, happy to discuss or forward you the dissertation which will soon be submitted. Also written something around just the facilitation aspect.

      Let me know, ok? Thanks. I think there is potential there to use fully-online and blended PBL in all kinds of learning situations.

      Speak again soon.


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