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my flowers are growing

my flowers are growing

I find tutorials really useful to establish how things are going. It helps to clarify things and check if we everybody is on the right track. We introduced this tutorial for cohort 2 in a more organised way and I think it was a good idea because of the above. Not that we didn’t offer tutorials to our previous cohort. We did but then it was more up to the learner to contact us. Which I think is good but I am not sure if everybody used the opportunity then. I remember having some tutorials with individual learners face-to-face and others online via Elluminate. This we haven’t done yet… and I think it would be good to introduce remote tutorials to our current cohort and I am going to announce that very shortly. This would also give individuals who missed the face-to-face tutorial to catch up on things.

The tutorial with my group felt personal, a bit more informal. I liked that. Soon, I realised that there were still a lot of questions around assessment and how it would all be captured in the eportfolios. Would anybody ask these if we didn’t have this tutorial? I am sure some would.

I am wondering now how important tutorials really are. What if we don’t have the time to organise any? Should we really make the time? What about other support strategies, such as peer-to-peer and mentor support systems? What about using technology to enable more flexible tutorials? Do tutorial have to be done in the same place at the same time? Could you utilise available technologies and conduct them perhaps in a different way? Could or should we even conduct them in a variety of ways? Could we have done this tutorial using a web-based synchronous communication and collaboration tool? I think we could, but would it be the same? What would be the advantaged and where are the challenges? What does the face-to-face tutorial offer that can’t be replicated through an online tutorial?

Overall, I have to say that I am really pleased with the work that has been completed so far. Some participants have started keeping reflective diaries in their portfolios as well, without being asked to do so, without it being part of assessed work for the module. Others experiment currently with audio and mobile learning approaches. One of our participants used ipadio to capture a thought in her portfolio while we were out in Manchester last week. That was fascinating! What made this learner make this call? Was it just because it was possible and easy to do, or was there a clear purpose of this action? It would be interesting to find out.

Loads of questions this time, loads to think about.

We are looking at large group teaching next time! Does it have to be a lecture? What is a lecture and are there any ‘restrictions’ in how it is delivered? What about an alternative such as PBL? I am really looking forward to this session but first we have our first online week around learning theories and I noticed that there is no online engagement yet… and the weekend is almost gone.


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