@pgcap #cohort2 – actually…

love what you do and do what you love

love what you do and do what you love

… after last week’s session, I started almost immediately thinking about how this session could be enhanced for our next cohort and I have now, after a few days just thinking about things without capturing them anywhere – just in my thoughts – seem to have an initial idea and a plan.

For the first part of the session, I am still keen in exploring if we could use a proper lecture theatre, big and massive and fill it with students. When this idea first popped into my head I felt that this would be really good and useful and I am still a supporter of this and feel that we should really give it a go. Delivering a lecture in a proper lecture theatre with 25 people doesn’t have the same impact… and I know, sometimes you do only have 25 in a lecture but many many more on the register. The idea is to get all the people, or at least most of them, back into the lecture theatre and that is why we need, I think to emphasise again on how we can make this happen. Bringing in the students, will allow us to have an open conversation with them about lecturing and their experience here at Salford. I am sure, they will also have loads of ideas how to make them richer learning experiences. So, the plan is to make this happen for the next cohort. Where will we find students to fill this lecture theatre? Well there are a number of strategies that could be used. We could, yes, we could, ask participants to bring 5 students each to this session. We would then have already 125 plus the 25 participants. 150 is a good number. There are other options too and I need to think about them first.

The second part of the session on Problem-Based Learning could be planned better. I am thinking to widen the theme to Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) and Problem-Based Learning (PBL). I have two lecturers in mind who I would like to invite to participate in this part of the session and engage in a discussion about how they use these two approaches. One of the lecturers uses IBL and the other PBL. We would provide some reading about IBL and PBL in advance and ask participants to prepare at least one question for each approach. During the discussion, we would capture similarities and differences of IBL and PBL and create a poster or short written piece with an overview of both approaches and how they could be used.

I still have to do some thinking about how to organise it and discuss it with my colleague Neil (who won’t be surprised with the ideas, I think…), but I feel that the above changes have the potential to further improve this session. They would become even more engaging, varied and content would be even more relevant for participants.

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