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together in harmony

together in harmony

The ThinkLab session (week 7 experiencing and motivating) was, I think a really rich session. It probably was one of my favourites this time round. I am so glad we had real students from Salford with us who shared with us their stories and experiences of studying at Salford. It just made it real!

Students and our academics and other professionals who support learning at the university seemed to value the platform for dialogue that was provided and used it actively throughout the session. It was really fascinating to experience both sides coming together, trying to understand each other and working together in partnership. I think more of this needs to happen if we want to make our institutions a better and more meaningful place for learning.

Experiencing this session helped me to re-visit an idea I had some time ago and I am now more convinced and determinded to explore it and make it happen with our next cohort. The idea was about engaging a large number of students during our session on delivering which have so far done in almost empty lecture theatres. Yes, we were in the environment were large class teaching usually happens (when done face-to-face) however, our lecture theatre didn’t have masses of students… I have, unfortunately been in lectures for 100-150 students with just 10-20 present. It makes me wonder why? And it would be interesting to hear what our participants think about this.

Anyway, I think it would be really useful to deliver a session on large-group teaching to a proper large audience and the best way of doing it (this is what I am thinking at the moment) would be to bring in loads of students to actively participate in the session. I think it is worth experimenting with this idea and I can already imagine how it would be… will think a bit more about this and how this could actually happen, or better, how we can make it happen. Feeling really excited about this already!

Feel free to add your comments if you were part of this session.

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