Has it started yet? #cmc11

dressed for the occasion

CMC11 MOOC day is approaching. Dressed and ready to go!


Excited! This is how I feel at the mo!

the blueberry paradise

The journey begins, what will it bring?


Fireworks of ideas everywhere.

upside down

Surprise and be surprised!

colourful nature

Make new discoveries... open your mind!

just made

Get together and share, taste, feel... learn, un-learn, re-learn and learn again, be playful!


Unlock your creativity! Don't delay!


Are you joining us today?

Yes, the Creativity and Multicultural Communication MOOC starts in September 2011!

Open to us all.

More info here.

Also started experimenting with video and created the clip  below with the above material. I also added Clara Schumann’s music which reminded me of the time when I was translating Peter Härtling’s book “Schumanns Schatten” into Greek.

Dreaming is good but just dreaming it is not good enough!

Strongman Run 2009

Am I expected to perform (well)?

Binoculars portrait (dscn4659_mod_vign_sm)

1. Are you watching me again and again?

Sad Scene

2. Do you make me cry?

Sydney dust storm

3. No air to breath!


4. What else are you hiding from me?

Robot Joe

5. Is this what you want?


6. Punish me for what I have done and what I haven't!


7. Alone and lost

Black paint and white texture

8. Misery all around

Over-ripe Pears

9. Bruising and bruised...

Strongman Run 2009

Am I expected to perform? I ask again.

Is this the Un-Happy Manifesto?

Access the Happy Manifesto here. However, just reading and talking about it doesn’t change anything. How can we make it happen in an organisation? I am very interested in your thoughts.