This ‘thing’ called passion #cmc11 MOOC

an invitation to think and (re-)act

an invitation to think and (re-)act

… a question without a question mark triggered during and after week 2 #CMC11 webinar with Stephen Downes and after watching one more time Ken Robinson’s TED clip ‘Bring on the learning revolution’ included in #CMC11 week 3 resources

Maybe we could discuss

  • what we understand by passion
  • how we feel about people who are passionate
  • how we actually know that they are passionate
  • what effect passionate individuals/groups(?) have on others
  • what are the implications of passion for the passionate individual/group(?) and for others

if anybody is interested ;o)

Please note: the above doodles were made before actually seeing the doodle stuff presented over the weekend on #CMC11. When I saw them after this posting… I couldn’t believe my eyes… just a coincidence?

4 thoughts on “This ‘thing’ called passion #cmc11 MOOC

  1. Chrissi,
    I am passionate about your use of photographs, images, visual memes for triggering creative synapses … connections and new and enhanced thinking. I would love to work on a project with you and let’s see if more would like to join in and maybe find even more resources for “sites” to play in/with/on.

    Sorry to be so long replying .. I seem to get sidetracked doing other stuff in the MOOC 🙂
    Let’s DO IT … bouncing the ball back to you *!*!*!*

    Carol in MOOCdom

  2. Hi Carol from the MOOCdom,

    Thank you for your encouraging comments. So pleased that my visualisations make sense to others too. I would be very very happy to work with you on a project linked to using visual triggers for creative thinking, reflection and learning.

    It would be wonderful if we could find a way to create collective creative visual reflections. There are a few things we could use such as e-noticeboards for example, which don’t require separate logins for example. Do images have the power to connect? Can they be used or become a visual cross-cultural language?

    I am also open to any other suggestions and ideas.

    Would you like to arrange a Skype chat in the next few days/weeks? Please let me know. Thank you.

    Speak again soon.


  3. Skype chat sounds great … maybe next week after I have done a wee bit more research into platforms and such. Visual images have power! Photo power to change perceptions and change perspectives.

  4. Hi Carol, that sounds great. What about next Thursday after the #CMC11 webinar? Would this be ok? Looking forward to our chat and will also explore a few things in advance of this

    Speak to you tomorrow ;o)


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