Cloudy today, very cloudy #cmc11 MOOC

080717 stormy weather tensta a

... arriving

Can I run?

Can I run (away)? But why would I want to or need to?

raining now

Raining now. Wet and cold. But we need the rain!

light appearing again

Light will appear again! It must appear again!

What would we do without it?

What would we do without it?

6 thoughts on “Cloudy today, very cloudy #cmc11 MOOC

  1. I have a great love of clouds … looking at clouds, photographing clouds for others to look at. Clouds have untold secrets, that occasionally come down to visit us in the forms of rain snow and heavy mist. Clouds hold promise of things to come; of things gone by, and of things in the sky.
    Nimbus, Cumulus … a strata of cloud, or is it plural, clouds?

    Dropbox is my cloud in the digital troposphere, what is yours?

  2. Hello Jim,
    Thank you so much for commenting and for your kind words. I love creating stories ;o) Really pleased that somebody ‘read’ this story in a different way I ‘wrote’ it. My meaning behind the images and words have actually nothing to do with the real rain. And I am wondering if there are others out there who read it as something completely different and what this would be. I think this kind of storytelling or photovoices how I tend to call them are really open to interpretation and individuals connects in a different way with the story told depending on their current or past circumstances, their emotions and experiences. I find this fascinating!

    Thank you also Jim for sharing the recording of the digital storytelling webinar. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the sound work so looked only through the first few slides. However, I am adding here a link to my storytelling resources in diigo and hope some of them might be useful for you. Here they come

    I am starting a new project called STORY with a colleague and we are using digital storytelling techniques to learn and teach through stories. More info about this project can be found at – thought to include here just in case you would like to follow it.

    Thanks again and have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for stopping by again. Really enjoyed our chat yesterday. I noticed that you did create some new weekend activities. Must check these out to see if you are using our idea ;o)

    As mentioned in my previous reponse, for me it wasn’t actually at all about real clouds and I have to admit that I prefer the white and fluffy ones on a bright sunny day when you can just do cloudgazing and ‘see’ all kinds of animated stories and characters in the clouds.

    What you say about clouds is really interesting and that they are agents of news or newsagents(?),

    Haven’t thought of my cloud not sure if any belongs to me.

    Speak again soon

  4. Hi everybody,
    The recent comments on this post made me think further and I am wondering if I could do a little experiment. Not sure if there is anybody out there who would like to participate but I guess I could try.

    Well, I was thinking to ask you, if you have engaged with this story, to leave a short commentary with your interpretation. I am interested to find out commonalities and differences of stories re-interpreted based on photovoices.

    Thank you so much in advance.

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