The messiness of learning #CMC11 MOOC

The messiness of learning

The messiness of learning

A jungle or...

A jungle or...

... a garden? Can it be both?

... a garden? Can it be both?

Order to avoid chaos? Why?

Order to avoid chaos? Why?

Is chaos bad for us?

Can chaos be bad for us? In what way(s)?

self-organisation emerges

Self-organisation emerges. Can you see it? Can you feel it?

What needs to happen to recognise this?

What needs to happen to recognise this as a vital part for (more) learning?

7 thoughts on “The messiness of learning #CMC11 MOOC

  1. Hi Chrissi

    Your work in (and feel for) translation comes across in your choice of images to describe your MOOC experience. The ability to think across different media is a skill we would all benefit from learning. In the process of translation, we carry over the essence of something, while exchanging one vessel for another. I suppose its like decanting wine – the look and feel of the container changes, but the wine does not (although we might leave some sediment behind). Our perception of the wine may be different (the medium is still part of the message), but we expect the overall experience will be comparable.

    Happy blogging!

    Mark McGuire
    Twitter: @mark_mcguire

  2. Hello Aaron,

    really pleased my visualisation has been useful for you too. I will have to search for your blog entry. It is interesting what you say about quieting the voices and focusing in to what is important for us. I think you are right. There are too many voices and we try to focus on too many things at the same time, but is this really possible if we want to engage deeply? Just wondering ;o)


  3. Hello Mark,

    Thank your for stopping, by commenting your sharing with me your thoughts linked the the photovoices. What you say about translating made me think differently about why use images. So thank you for this. I have been inbetwen cultures and languages all my life and perhaps I am trying to find a more universal language to communicate my thoughts and ideas and identify opportunities for less verbal conversaions among people.

    As you saw I have been a translator for many years and I guess I always was one. But who isn’t? I think we are all translators seeking to connect with our inner self and others. I would be very interested in your thoughts on this.

    I had a quick look at your last blog entry and smiled when I saw your visual story and I felt connected. Will visit again and comment very soon and would love to explore this type of visual connectedness further with you.

    Thanks again for making me thing.

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