Play ‘n’ learn to spice up teaching in HE – please vote #CMC11 MOOC @pgcap

Celebrating your creativity!

Celebrating your creativity!

Hello and thank you for stopping by,

Stage 3 of our mixed reality game ‘Sell your bargains’ is now officially completed.

First of all I would like to thank all our teachers at the University of Salford who participated in this game with such passion and for their creative energy to spice up their teaching.

Today, we are inviting you to vote for your favourite digital story presented here and created by teachers in Higher Education who are currently studying towards the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice at the University of Salford (UK).

Teachers participated in a mixed-reality game (a mix of problem-based learning, game-based learning and experiential learning to explain threshold concepts using creative problem finding and collaborative creative problem solving techniques and possibility thinking) which took place in real and virtual spaces.

(Stage 1) The task was to think about a session they are going to deliver and try and foresee a difficulty explaining something that students really need to grasp.

The players then worked together in pairs to discuss ideas and possible solutions (Stage 2) and identify a prop while in Manchester City Centre that could be used in their session to make this difficult or threshold concept accessible and understandable to their students.

(Stage 3) Their ideas were then developed further into digital stories (using photographs and videos taken during stage 2 to aid reflection and the further development of their idea) that are now available as Open Educational Resources.

Please access the participating stories by clicking the links below, study them carefully and then vote for your favourite one by ticking the box next to the name of the player. You are also invited to leave your comments in the online spaces where the stories are captured and engage in a conversation about the interventions.

– Innovative use of a prop
– Rich and deep reflection
– Creative digital storytelling

Participating stories
1. Neil at

2. Frances at

3. Fabrizio at (our winner: added on the 27th of November)

4. Kirsty at at

5. Deaglan at

6. John at

7. Fiona at

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. The winner has been announced.

Thank you very much for providing your comments and voting for your favourite story. The overall winner of the mixed-reality game “Sell your bargains” will be announced on Twitter. The deadline to submit your vote is Wednesday the 2nd of November 11, midnight GMT.

The prize is the wonderful book by David Gauntlett “Making is connecting” ( A complimentary copy was provided free of charge by the publisher Wiley (

Please feel free to forward the link to the form to others.

Chrissi (Nerantzi) the game organiser
Twitter: @pgcap
University of Salford

ps. If you would like to adapt and organise such a mixed-reality CPD game for your programme team to spice up teaching and learning at the University of Salford, please get in touch with Chrissi at c.nerantzi @ (without the spaces)

pps. If you would like to find out more about this game from the organiser and the players, join us on the 8th of December at 4pm (GMT) during a webinar organised by the Creativity and Multicultural Communication MOOC. We have been invited to share our experiences and first findings then with a wider audience. More info about this webinar and the #CMC11 MOOC at Please note, the ‘Sell your bargains’ game will also feature in a game-based learning book published next year.

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