10 thoughts on “Try again #CCK12 #slec12

  1. Wow, Chris. I really like the pictures on your blog! I’m a great believer in the power of visual image to enhance learning. I’m Joanne a fellow student in the #cck12 course. Yours in the first blog I’ve visited. Very nice images, I’m intrigued for sure! There are some stories here!

  2. Hi Joanne and thank you for commenting.

    I am glad you can see value in visual storytelling. I love photographs and feel that they have the potential to carry rich stories when combined with minimum written language. Other way to express what moves us and enable others to weave their own stories through observation and interpretation.
    Speak again soon.


  3. Hi Chrissi,

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve participated a little in Change MOOC #cck11 and I’m enrolled for #cck12 to do the thing from start to finish. I’m volunteering a dedicated discussion forum on my server so that participants can have extended discussions, especially after the Elluminate webinar sessions. Enrollment works on the same, moderated basis as Change MOOC’s site. The forum’s here: http://forum.matbury.com and all MOOCers are welcome. Please spread the word.

    • Hi Matt,

      And thank you for the tip. I saw the forum a bit ealier today and will visit again. It would be interesting to find out more about the forum and what made you create this.



  4. Hi Chris, I loved your photo stream as well! I am enrolled in CCK12 as a first attempt at participating in a MOOC, and I’m already struggling to find time to do the readings this week and feeling generally a bit overwhelmed by the whole process (so much else going on in life to divide my attention – this course is non-critical and therefore falling to the bottom of the pile!). Thanks for posting and I’ll look forward to reading more of your blogs🙂 PS. Mine is at http://amecarey.blogspot.com/

    • Hi Anne-Marie,

      Thank you for commenting. I am creating these visual stories or photovoices for a while now. Feel free to check out the tags on my blog to access other ones.

      I would suggest to take it easy with the MOOC and take as much or as little as you want and you can manage. Remember quality not quantity. Follow the conversations you find interesting and stimulating and participate, as you did here. I have also participate in the CCK11 MOOC and it was a great experience, while it was a MOOC it didn’t feel that massive. But it is a great opportunity to connect with people from around the world you share something special.

      I will also visit your blog.
      Speak again soon.

  5. Love the visual encouragement! You might enjoy dabbling in the #ds106 mooc as well! There is a Daily Create assignment (sometimes photos, videos, audio, etc.) http://tdc.ds106.us

    I learned from the #change11 mooc speaker last week that if you’re not failing, you’re actually failing. 🙂 Keep knitting your net!

    • Hello Brainysmurf (Love this name ;o),

      Good to see you here. Will check the link out. Thanks for sharing. I like you ‘failing phrase’ – this is so true. I am knitting. What about you? ;o)


  6. Great idea to combine the core ideas with highly impact visuals. Congrats Chrissi. I am impressed with “Knit your net!” and I remember that Edgar Morin says that the closest meaning to complex is “what is woven together”. Knitting our net is a complex endeavor for which it seems our DNA fits perfectly. I think that “Knit your net!” synthesize very well the bunch of concepts around Connectivism🙂

    • Hi Max,

      Thank you for your kind words. Pleased the story makes sense to you. I love playing with images and words and combining is a very rewarding process for me at least. It does take some time to find the right words and the right images and it a complex thought process which I have found helps me to make sense of my experiences, capture my thinking in an open way that can work on multiple dimensions. Feel free to check out other ‘photovoices’ I created.

      I was happy when I came up with the phrase “knit your net!” I actually was thinking to use this for something I am writing at the moment around sharing and connected thinking.


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