What is waiting for me behind this door?

What is waiting for me behind this door?

I will be taking over a German class from a colleague in about a week and the closer this date comes, the more nervous I feel. I was teaching German for years in Greece and in Germany at various levels including HE but I haven’t done it for a while now and I feel a bit rusty.

Started some preparation and the plan is to make the remaining sessions as interactive as possible, applying some of my current strategies and techniques. But I am taking over from somebody else that late in the semester and the students will be used to a specific way if working… Ok, this shouldn’t be a barrier but I threat the moment the students saying or thinking “this is not the way we did this”… This hasn’t stopped me before and I often have to deal with such comments in Academic Development and Teacher Education but suddenly it feels like a bigger problem now because I will be teaching undergraduates or “real students” if you like and not staff who are students on our programmes.

My priority is to get to know my students and my students to get to know me but we don’t have a lot of time… unfortunately.

If you are reading this and are teaching in HE, what advice would you give me?

Will we be able to open this window together?

Will we be able to open this window together? And how???

I am writing this using the WordPress app on my phone. Not sure how the formatting will work. Must also check if I can add some images.


2 thoughts on “Nervous

  1. Hallo Rebecca,

    Ich habe es geschafft. Den Studenten hat der Unterricht auch Spaß gemacht. was mich natürlich sehr gefreut hat. Sie haben sich über einiges gewundert, aber das hatte ich ja erwartet ;o)

    Bis bald

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