(not) funny? Day 2 #moocmooc

Well, I should have added this yesterday but I didn’t. I guess it is never too late… or is it? Anyway. Very little time yesterday but we, my boys and I, managed to create a video clip and share our view about where learning happens. We used my iPhone and the wonderful cover with integrated stand made it really easy to do the recording and then upload straight away to YouTube, no editing nothing at all! We are asking a question at the end and would love your thoughts on this. Feel free to leave them here, on YouTube or on Twitter (@chrissinerantzi). It is up to you.

We also decided to release the directors’ cut so that you can see how much fun we had in the making. Here it comes. Enjoy 😉

4 thoughts on “(not) funny? Day 2 #moocmooc

  1. Loved the outtakes reel! I like how “making things” got into that draft also.

    Where can learning _not_ happen? Hm, inspired by your video, I’d begin to formulate an answer with “something-something ‘closed.'”

    • Hi Brooke, thank you for stopping by and commenting. Pleased that you are thinking about the question, well an answer to the question. Would be lovely to share when you are ready 😉 Thanks again. Chrissi, Ody and Nassi

  2. Lovely kids, great that you managed to get them involved. Who else would know best where learning happens for them?
    I beleive the only place where learning does not or cannot happen is where there is no respect-trust between the participants (Teacher-Students, Students-teacher, students-students), where there are no open ended questions, only definite answers, where their is no space for play and curiosity. Thanks again for this wonderful video.

    • Hello Tamas,
      Thank you for your kind words, watching the clips and commenting. I see value in learning together, all ages. We can learn loads from our own kids, for example. I agree with what you say about trust and respect. These are indeed vital ingredients. However, while these might hinder somehow learning to happen, I feel that we can learn loads through bad experiences. So is learning or not learning a mindset disconnected from the (social, economical, cultural etc) environment we live in? I don’t know but I would be interested to find out what you and others think. Learning should be play and enable us all to use our curiosity to explore new paths. Some of them will be painful though. Does this mean we should avoid them? Is learning just fun and play? Some further things to think about.

      Speak again soon.
      Chrissi, Ody and Nassi

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