Happy Month and Day 1 #phdchat

Reach for the Sky

Where will this project take us?

Apparently, the 1st of November 2012 is the first official day of my PhD studies at Edinburgh Napier. Yeh, I am a student again! It feels wonderful, I have to say but also scary. This is my second attempt and bad memories and experiences make my thoughts a bit foggy and wobbly. We will see. Feeling optimistic though overall and the project idea is fueling my imagination, can’t wait to get started! I am lucky to work with and be supported by Dr Keith Smyth and other colleagues from Edinburgh Napier and work closely with Lars Uhlin from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden on this journey. I am sure we will make exciting discoveries along the way about open learning but also about ourselves.

Timeline: Minutes

a PhD research studies backwards? Going from right to left… bad metaphor?

My first target is to create a project timeline (is this the right time? It feels right). Not thinking of burrying the timeline somewhere on my laptop and 4 years is a loooooooooooooooooooong time. The plan is to finish this project in 4 years but it might take longer… 4 years = 1460 days… if I did my calculations right… not good with numbers, you see and happy that I am doing qualitative research but I am sure there will be some numbers in there too. Anyway, keeping track of stuff that need to happen at specific moments in time will be super important.  I have used the Timeline Maker Preceden before but am wondering if it is fit for purpose for this project. Any (better) idea anybody?

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