#FDOL132 unit 3 or about individual & collective (in)flexibility @openfdol

Never standing still, always thinking

Can flexibility release inflexibility?

Can structure(s) get in the way? They do serve a purpose… but whose?

What about flexible structures? What makes a flexible structure flexible?

Do we need to remember that we are all different? Flexibility means different things to different people. How can we make it work?

Does the answer lie within us? How can we grow?

3 thoughts on “#FDOL132 unit 3 or about individual & collective (in)flexibility @openfdol

  1. What a lovely thought-provoking way to reflect. Thank you for sharing. I particularly like the spider web you’ve used for flexible structures, and the questions you have posed here. For me, the metaphor is perfect because it demonstrates that the flexible structure will always need to be developed in context – that same web wouldn’t necessarily work anywhere else. Sometimes there will be strands missing, and in other designs extra support needed, but the overall aim and effectiveness remains roughly the same.

  2. Hi Simon,

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Pleased this makes sense to you. I love using images to reflect. See the tagcloud ‘photovoices’ and you will discover loads more 😉 Using this approach also in developing reflection in teacher education.

    Your thoughts about contextualised structures is really interesting and made me think that we really should? provide (loose) frameworks and the structures could/should come out of the context, the specific situation, the people who are part of this? What does this mean for teaching and learning?


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