@byod4l Day 1 is now over

Warning! First draft

It is now Tuesday morning. I am waiting for my train to go to work and thought to make a start with capturing some thoughts about BYOD4L and what happened yesterday.

Really impressed with the level of engagement throughout the day and how we all started making connections. Many participants created blogs and started capturing their ideas and thoughts there. Important now to create opportunities for dialogue and conversations otherwise thoughts are falling into black holes…

The video scenarios were used also and that was a nice surprise. Good to know that these triggered interest and made people think and reflect on their practice too and how they could help. We seem to have more teachers than students at the moment or we can hear the teachers more? Very possible too.

Anybody interested in contributing their story for others to use? Would also be interesting to check out the students scenarios and try and see things from their perspective, if you are an educator?

It was interesting how we worked as a facilitators’ team. Activity in our private FB group reduced during the day as we were busy in the different social learning spaces. And it worked really well. If you look into the Google + community but also the FB community, no posts stayed unanswered and exchanges are happening. Individuals are opening up and share their ideas, reservations and thoughts. Pure magic. None of this would happen if we don’t feel welcome and part of a community. Listening carefully and showing interest in what others say is really important. If we just use it as a channel to amplify our own voice, we have missed the real value of social media, facilitators really did a great job in bringing others in and keeping the conversations going.

BTW, the train is moving and I am still writing. I only planned to write a short paragraph but now all that stuff pops into my head and my finger is typing like mad on this tiny screen… ruining my eyes, I think… anyway.

I was really looking forward to the Tweetchat and I think many others did too! Anne, Kay and Peter worked really well together. Would be lovely to find out how they communicated during the chat. There were colleagues among us for whom it was their first time on Twitter and their first Tweetchat. So pleased they gave it a go and were so honest about it too. I think some recognised the value of this space for personal and professional development but we can’t expect others to give without us giving too. It can only work if it is a two-way process and we give something back but also help others out there when we can.

There is excitement in the air and local activities are an added bonus to strengthen connections and help each other learn. Learning happens everywhere and all the time. We just need to grab the opportunities!

My working relationship with Sue has matured and we are definitely on the same wavelength. We understand each other really well but also trust each other. We don’t step on each other’s toes and maximise on our individual strengths to complement each other. We accept and respect each other’s decisions as we both know that we want this project to succeed. Helping each other is part of our partnership and this enables learning and development through everyday practice based on our individual and collective experience.

Byod4l already seems to be of value for all of us, facilitators and participants alike. Let’s find out what further discoveries we can make today!

Really looking forward to Day 2

… still on the train…

now in office posting this 😉


6 thoughts on “@byod4l Day 1 is now over

  1. Great blog Chrissi – I travelled the train journey with you.
    I agree that trying to look at the student perspective is important, and I wanted to attempt that scenario for day 2 with the mature student. However, I think I decided to bottle out immediately after listening as I felt a little pressure as a tutor to be able to make everything right. I also went into being assessed mode, and recognise I know NOTHING about the (literally) hundreds of possible suggestions. However, I promised Kerry Pace during our joint supervision last week, that I would step out of my comfort zone this week, so … I’m going in! … well later today I will. 🙂

    • This is great Michelle and so lovely for commenting here too. We are all under loads of pressures but often put ourselves in this situation because we compare ourselves with what everybody else is doing and perhaps this is not so good for us? I have loads to learn and the more I discover the more I feel I don’t know anything, but I guess this is normal 😉 Looking forward to your Day 2 reflections.

      Great to hear about your story with Kerry and that you are moving out of your comfort zone. It can be very rewarding and making mistakes is part of the process, just see them as learning opportunities.

      SPeak again soon,

    • You are doing brilliantly Michelle. As reflective practitioners it is really important we take time out to be challenged and be challenged by our own reflections.

      I like to fix everything too – part of our jobs – yet we don’t put that pressure on our students – just the opposite.

      Strangely enough I had a similar reflection about giving out all the time – solutions, advice in trying to problem solve and realised I might be missing the point of the course. See if you see any parallels and themes in my reflection http://www.diverse-learners.co.uk/you-never-know-where-reflection-might-take-you-byod4l/

      Something to discuss in our next joint supervision session next month.

  2. This is why i love mobile devices
    You can always use a speech to text tool like the free app Dragon Dictate to save your eyes from the tiny screen – depends if you want to be overheard on the train of course though everyone seems to have headphone in / on these days.

    • Hi Kerry, thank you for stopping by and commenting here. Great idea about using audio. I discovered this recently but not used yet. Was typing this and not sure I would just talk into the phone in a public space… too self-conscious I think. Something for me to overcome, I think 😉 Have a good day and speak again soon


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