@byod4l Day 3 and letting go

When you have children it is normal that you look after them. Often you mollycottle them long after they have opened their wings and want to fly away or even have flown away already. My children are still little but the first indications are there already that this is going to happen to me too…

My 12 year old doesn’t let me hold his hand in public anymore, especially when in our little hometown… while at home he is really a softie and still comes to me for a hug. But for how long?

Letting go is hard… the same I think happened with teachers and their relationship with learners. Teachers naturally care and want to be there for them… but always? This creates dependency… while we want our learners to become autonomous thinkers and beings and be successful in life. And we want the same for our children.

Yesterday was a Day of letting go for Byod4L. Sitting back and enjoying what learners had already achieved. Confidence had grown rapidly in the first 2 days and it was so wonderful to actually see and enjoy that growth in then and the connections they had made and were making but also see how that fresh confidence enabled them to make further steps and take greater risks on own and together with other. They also opened up more and were honest too.

For me this really reminded me of the role teachers can play to bring individuals together and lay the foundations of a community to form. Some might challenge the idea that communities are formed or build but I think it is really possible.

BTW I am writing this on the train again. It is a very early start for me. I am on my way to Gloucester where I will be meeting colleagues to discuss MOOCs… my contribution actually sits outside MOOCland as this is the area of my particular interest and research.

Anyway, this trip will keep me away for a bit from BYOD4L but I will be connected and hopefully can participate at least a little bit. Today’s theme is collaborating and I hope that some individuals will reach out and start collaborating with each other. Can’t wait to find out how this will work.

Wishing us all a great day (6.33am).

This post will probably be added in the evening when I am back home. The draft was written in Notes on my tiny phone… I was at Gorton when my thoughts reached this line.

4 thoughts on “@byod4l Day 3 and letting go

  1. My engagement this time has been different Chrissi. As a facilitator I am enjoying letting go of the expectations, preconceptions and even anxiety you can have when you are responsible for others. As you know I have been particularly interested in the idea of ‘blended and open’ and one of my early reflections on this is how a little ‘touch’ goes a long way in inspiring confident learning. To use your parent- child metaphor, we know how powerful eye contact is when we move on from public hand holding.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Agree, and would add all experiences are different and this is the beauty of them all as it keeps us alert and we are facing the unknown, which is exciting, I think. Helping others to build confidence, but also our own through hand-holding and taking risks is a process we all go through. It depends on our social connections, but also on ourselves and what we add and take from an experience, how we interact with the experience and others that will lead us to more confident learning. The scaffold needs to be there, I think. For some this is light and often internal, their own, for others stronger and more visible and external for them to us. Thank you for making me think about this. Very interesting.


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