Exploring the Issue of Play, open invite to contribute to the next CAM issue @academiccreator

Play in higher education? Seriously?

Often we are reminded that universities are not playgrounds and that play is childish and inappropriate… Isn’t research a playful experimentation with ideas, concepts and situations, recognised as an essential activity that drives innovation, while play in a learning and teaching context at this level is often still interpreted as undesirable especially within higher education? In the next issue of the openly-licensed Creative Academic Magazine, we will explore the importance of play in higher education to create critical and creative thinkers and doers who have the curiosity, capacity and the vision to make the impossible possible.  There will be a potpourri of contributions and perspectives shared through practitioners and students eyes and minds that offer a valuable insight into the opportunities creative play presents for learning and teaching, students and their tutors. We are looking for articles that are written in a vibrant and accessible language, ideally around 500 – 1500 words max. Media-rich resources are also very welcome as this is a digital edition. Contributors will be asked to submit a doodle of themselves together with a short, 50 word bio, written in a creative way.

All voices are welcome!!!

If you would like to contribute to our survey around play in HE, please click here. Please share this invite with others who might also be interested. The deadline to submit an article is the 1st of May. Chrissi Nerantzi and Dr Alison James http://www.creativeacademic.uk/ https://youtu.be/HHwXlcHcTHc

11 thoughts on “Exploring the Issue of Play, open invite to contribute to the next CAM issue @academiccreator

  1. Reblogged this on Becoming An Educationalist and commented:
    #becomingeducational This re-blog is about PLAY in HE – and it is erquesting short articles on the topic – written in friendly and accessible language – with pictures – and even with a doodled self-portrait…

    We cannot think of a better bunch of people to think seriously about writing such an article!

    You have played to produce your Digital Me’s – you have played as we made collages to learn – and drew to learn… you have played as we wrote our poetry on the topic of cheating… you have played in our Make Week – as part of our reflective learning – you are playing as you work up your live performances… Dom played as he delivered his excellent Zeega workshop at the Conference last week.

    What has been the purpose of all this play? Has it promoted active learning? Has it countered the ‘implicit threat’ of those transitional spaces (Winnicott 1971)?

    Will you be harnessing play in your own practice later on?

    Go on – you know it makes sense – volunteer to write a brief media rich article – we will support you – and it will take your play to a whole new level!!

  2. Chrissi – I’m absolutely loving that Creative Academic Magazine … I’m definitely starting to find my ‘ element ‘ … play … creativity … tell me more tell me more 🙂 Love it

  3. Hey Chrissi – my mind is racing with the possibilities of things I could submit or my colleagues and students might submit. Unfortunately one group of people who might have something cool to submit are my students this semester and they won’t have their vidoeo products in til like May 15 or so. Too late 😦
    Will try to work on something else for the May 1 deadline

    • Thank you for stopping by and intending to contribute something for this issue Maha. Very much appreciated. The magazine will be published early in June, so if we know that other bits might be added after the 1st of May, we could keep a holding page? I hope this will work for you and your students.

      Happy Sunday,

      • Excellent! Thanks! I think students will be motivated to know their work might be published in your magazine. Rearranging my syllabus plan as we speak (not uncommon for me). I will meet my students for first time in about 10 days. Will see if they r willing abd check w last semester’s students As well

  4. Hi Chrissi

    Please accept my apologies, I am swamped at the moment, and won’t be able to submit an article for the deadline. Thank you for sharing the opportunity though,

    Best wishes

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