Visualising FOS as a pizza (globe)? #fos4l

FOS in 5 days, a pizza, a globe in 5 sections. What I noticed happening each day using symbols: question marks, hearts, stars. Frequency and size of these also matters. What do you notice?

Adding colour: from dark to light. Is this what FOS really means? I think some of you now know. Think of photo-synthesis, photo-graphy and you will get the real meaning of FOS 😉 In Greek it is φως

Darkness everything around FOS?

The 5 sections, which day is which? My interpretation. How do you see it?


Not the end, not over. What do the spirals represent? Basically this image shows the FOS in 5 days and beyond. Would be good to have an interactive model… with colour movements as well. I can see it now in front of my eyes but would need some help to make this happen digitally.

Late addition (17 Aug): An important omission was observed by Ian Tindal which is now included in the below. Thank you Ian for making me reflect on this aspect of FOS.

Confession… I feel guilty as I just now (Sunday evening) managed to do what I said I would do in my last post about FOS and my experience. But perhaps this small time delay was useful to really filter out my interpretation of what happened last week.

Can’t wait to hear if others connect with my finger drawings (made on iPad using sketches, the free version, see here)  and what they mean to them.

Post also written on iPad and uploaded directly. Sleep well everybody 😉

2 thoughts on “Visualising FOS as a pizza (globe)? #fos4l

  1. Hi Chrissi, I like the central bit, your conceptualisation of the journey using symbols and colour makes sense. I don’t quite follow the meaning of the darkness around FOSS, I see you have a question mark against your explanation so maybe you are uncertain as well. For me the outside arena of any community is very complex; ‘the world, the universe and everything’, the known, the unknown and the unknowable. A chaotic network of darkness and light, ever changing and filled with flickering activity in nodes and along connections that would be difficult to represent. Links into, and out from, the central experience might show that FOSS is not a bounded or closed experience but takes in external stimuli and breathes out influence to the surrounding field.

    • Hi Ian,

      Thank you for commenting. I agree with your observations. FOS actually means light in Greek. So I played with light and darkness, hoping that FOS brought some light to colleagues who engaged. Definitely, there are many suns out there and this is not shown in my visualisation yet…. Thank you for making me think of this. I might add another image so show these links and opportunities.

      Speak again soon,

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