#pin project now live

This Friday the 5th of February 16 we are organising our very first #pin focus group at Manchester Metropolitan University during which study participants will share their thoughts around pedagogic innovators through a wet felt making process.

I can’t wait to see Gail Spencer and Mike Lowe from Crewe, who will introduce us to wet felt making as well as Barbara Thomas, HE consultant, who is supporting the #pin project. If you are working at MMU you are very welcome to join us. See further details here. We are meeting in the All Saints Building, First Floor, Room 105 at 12pm 😉


This could be you on the 5 Feb 2016

It is wonderful that the following colleagues from other institutions in the UK have joined #pin as co-researchers. I am really looking forward to what data will be gathered in their institutions and what insights we will gain within and beyond institutions around the people behind pedagogic innovations.

A big thank you to

Dr Alison James, London College of Fashion
Neil Withnell, University of Salford
Chris Rowell, Regent’s University London
Barbara Thomas, HE consultant
Prof. Norman Jackson, Creative Academic

who have joined the #pin project. We have also connected to the programme of work being coordinated by Creative Academic for World Creativity and Innovation Week.

I am really looking forward to working together. If further colleagues and their institutions are interested to join the #pin team, please get in touch with me.

We willpin_NEW be gathering data in different ways. Some of these will be visual data. We have also created on line survey. This is now live and you are  very welcome to complete this if you would like to contribute your thoughts around pedagogic innovators in higher education wherever you are in the world.

Please remember to read the research information sheet and the consent form. These can be found through direct links from the survey which is here.


If you have any questions, please get in touch.

See you soon,


ps. If you can’t make it to our felt making workshop, feel free to watch the following. We will share the key question we used as a trigger to create the visual response after the workshop so that you can use this also to create your visual response. The final product will be a collage, some bits will be made of felt. Further techniques and materials will be used to finalise it. The plan is to share the visual data during the Learning and Teaching Festival which will take place at MMU in June.

Link to the survey is here, if you would like to participate in the #pin project

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