back home after #digifest16…


Thank you to Sarah, Heather, Ian and John for their help with the balloons. They had no idea what would happen.

… and posting a  quick note to thank you for your kind tweets and thoughts this morning. I am delighted that my contribution made (some of) you think and hopefully consider playful approaches for your practice.

A special thank you goes to the organisers and all the Jisc team behind the scenes who made this event such a rich experience. Especially Dicky and Claire.

The slides used are below… together with some first pics and comments thanks to your tweets.

Chris Jobling kindly created a storify with the #www16 hashtag. Thank you so much.

…  the related interview can be found here.

All #digifest16 resources can be accessed here.

Eric Stoller (@ericstoller) kindly mentioned this contribution in his #digifest16 article for INSIDE HigherEd.

p.s.: Hopefully I will get some sleep tonight.
p.p.s: Wonderful to see so many friends during #digifest16, some for the first time outside the digital jungle.

If you would like to experience playful learning in a different way and have a bit of time next week, keep reading…

55a6f7f744985babbfe65fd209b47b1d_13During Open Education Week, we will be offering #creativeHE over 5-days, as an informal collaboration among colleagues from MMU, London Metropolitan University, Hull University, the University of Macedonia, Creative Academic and Lifewide Education around Creativity for Learning in Higher Education.

If you would like to join us, you just need to access our #creativeHE community in Google plus. Preparatory tasks and readings for the week ahead are already there. All you need to do is click here and you are there.

The initiative is also listed as an Open Education Week initiative.

What are you waiting for? Join us and share this open invitation further.

Chrissi, Sue, Sandra, Nikos and Norman, the #creativeHE team


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