My little story… what is yours?

The night of the EU referendum my 14-old came to my bed to say goodnight to mummy. I could see in his big chocolate eyes that he worried. I gave him a hug and told him everything will be alright and hold him for a little bit longer in my arms that night.

The next morning at 6am he ran to me and said: “Mummy we are leaving the EU”. A teenager doesn’t normally wake up that early! He was in shock and shaking. I was in shock too. And just the night before, I had promised him… 

My parents were political migrants in East Germany. They had to flee their villages in Northern Greece when they were little children, in the Civil War… We had a good life in the DDR and my parents were grateful for the chance for life they were given.  We were allowed back to our homeland many years later when I was 12. And we went. Later, my heart brought me to the UK where I live and work happily for the last 17 years with my own little family. I am an EU citizen.

I am also a citizen of this world, just like everybody else.

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I have been given a label now, EU migrant… 

It has become painful to follow the news, to hear about a very exclusive and isolating vision for the future that reminds me of a past I never experienced. My parents did. 

I have enjoyed living in the UK, in a multicultural society. It enables us all to grow and enrich our lives. For me and my family it is home. 

Being open, living, learning and working with others especially with other-minded individuals and individuals from different cultures, professions, industries, backgrounds other walks of life is something that makes a real difference to who we are and who we are becoming, as individuals and as a society. My own journey through life and my PhD research confirm this. 

What has changed? 

I am adding here Becci’s blog post that touched me deeply.

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