#DAPP162 session 4 >>> 1+1=20

Yesterday, was our last session.

I was full of excitement and had prepared a double surprise. I couldn’t wait and despite the rain, we went ahead. Dr Nikos Fachantidis from the University of Macedonia (Greece) joined us who is a valuable collaborator on the #creativeHE course with his students and it was a great opportunity to share some of the work we do and enable him to get a flavour of some of the work we do with our academics.

I based the ‘session’ on a game I have played before. It is a mix of PBL and game-based learning. I have played it many times. Each time it is a unique experience and it always seems to be valuable for those participating. This time there was no cash for getting an artefact/object/resource that could help turning something tricky into something exciting and make learning memorable and stick.


in action… image source

It was very interesting that this created an additional challenge, which was however overcome through collaboration and resourcefulness that did develop through the conversations and explorations, it seems. Colleagues from different disciplines worked together and helped creatively problem-solve a teaching situation that didn’t work well. I was amazed at the ideas and the result and it was definitely time well spent outside the classroom that will lead to specific changes to practice. There is really something about changing environment and getting outside! I am really looking forward to find out how the ideas will continue to grow and how they are implemented in the classroom. 


findings… image source

I would like to share two things I learnt today.  

  • The game works with really large, medium, smaller and really small groups, which is good to know. Adjustments have, of course, to be made and were made. My key question, is how can we make such experiences buzz-full regardless group size?
  • Examples don’t always work. They seem to be channeling thinking… and leading… and directing… we need to find more sophisticated ways when using them. I need to think about this a bit more. (Often) It is not what you do it, but how and why…

Only one out of 20 #DAPP162 students came to this class. How would you feel?


Thank you Niko for joining in. Image source

This was our last session today. 

Missing you all already. 

2 thoughts on “#DAPP162 session 4 >>> 1+1=20

  1. thank you for sharing this with the world Chrissi.

    Deflated… this is what I would have felt. The activity you put together has certainly required a lot of prep. Not having the audience to share it with and travel through the learning experience must have been deflating.

    I have had similar experiences where students simply didn’t turn up. I went through a lot of thoughts…

    Am I waiting at the right location?
    Has something happened to them?
    Surely, it is today, is it not?
    The few turn-up… relief… anger (where are the rest?)
    All this effort for nothing?
    It’s ok… I will continue with the ones here.
    It seems to be going well…
    I wish that all were here to experience this.

    All I can is to prepare and share with them what I know… it is down to them though to endorse this, take it, leave it, make it their own, deny it, critique it…

    It takes two to tango (in a literary ‘strictly come dancing’ lingo…). I was there and tangoed with those who chose to tango with me…

    Next time, I might ask them whether they would like to be part of something like this and take it from there, knowing though that they might still not turn-up.

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting Gerasimos. Very much appreciated. You make some very interesting observations.

    1. Choice: This is definitely something that we need to consider more but I am not sure how this can be in harmony with getting out of our comfort zone and doing something that is different and in a different location… Also if we also ask in advance, it takes the magic away and I really wanted it to be a surprise and enable our colleagues to be surprised with the discoveries that they could make if they would let immerse themselves into the experience.

    2. Tango: You are very right. But in a class situation you want to help everybody tango. When they are not there, we blame ourselves. What did I do wrong? As you say… Again, another challenge we face and there is no easy answer. I was thinking that the location might have been the problem… but the purpose was to take everybody away from the campus… Could it be elsewhere? Could it have started on campus? Phil suggested this as we had a mini chat at the end and I was wondering and reflecting openly on the session.

    A lot to think about and what the implications are when we design sessions that are different from the norm…

    Thanks again for stopping by.

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